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Keeping It Classic

Twenty-nine years ago, Ristorante i Ricchi opened as the first Tuscan restaurant in DC.  With constantly evolving food trends and Instagram eats, we are not afraid to continue to pay tribute to the classics of Italian cuisine.  Dining with us is an opportunity to stop and savor the tastes of your memories.  Chef Ricchi was born in New York but spent nearly twenty formative years in a little kitchen in Tuscany. The dishes we serve here in DC are reminiscent of her time in Italy – her upbringing as a chef and her love of Italian cuisine. Consider our Rigatoni Strascicate made with a classic Tuscan 12-hour sugo that could easily have been made by your Nonna.  Our savory Ribollita (pictured) with autumn vegetables, Tuscan black kale, cannellini beans, layered with bread and parmigiano is an ode to a simpler time when soups simmered on the back of the stove for hours.

We make our own pasta from scratch – a tradition that is fading even in Italy today. Our Tortelloni with butter and fresh sage (pictured) is the epitome of classic Italian cuisine.  Step back into your childhood – or back to your last visit to Italy – when you dig into our Pici All’Aglione – thick Tuscan spaghetti with tomato, basil and garlic topped with whipped ricotta (pictured). Feeling particularly nostalgic? Then come early and watch us pull our fragrant foccaccia (Tuscan schiacciata) out of the oven. There is nothing that spurs food memories like the fragrance of freshly baked bread.

Dessert is our sweet finale. What’s more Italian than gelato or tiramisu or cannoli all made here in our DC kitchen. We serve these classics together with a revolving list of other Italian sweets.  In our opinion, the test of a true authentic Italian dining experience is the coffee! It isn’t easy to make that perfect espresso or cappuccino. Our barista, Eric, has been doing it beautifully for the past fifteen years! Check out our menu to see all the tantalizing options!

For those of you who have been visiting i Ricchi through the years, we appreciate your business.  Never been?  We welcome you to dine with us!  See the event page for a special gift card offer for to show our appreciation.

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