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Food Club: December 1-5

“Fast,” “Convenient,” “Save time,” all have become the mantras of modern life. “Time is money,” has become the foundation of how we live our lives today, both here in the US and Italy.  Many of the time-honored traditions of Italian regional cuisine are being lost and replaced by more time efficient and less expensive methods.

The “Slow Food” Movement was created to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions, counteract the rise of fast life, and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat.  It goes without saying that Italy has a rich food culture and is an extraordinary expression of local traditions.

We like to think that what we have done here at the Food Club is based on the “Slow Food” tradition. This week’s menu is an example of regional dishes from North, Central and Southern Italy.

Food Club: November 24-28

This certainly will be a Thanksgiving to remember – filled with zoom calls and quiet isolated dinners. Since I realized that we really will have to forgo the yearly event that we most treasure in our family, I have found solace in remembering Thanksgivings past, first as a child at my Italian grandmother’s table and then as a young woman in Italy, cooking for the Ricchi’s and my new friends.

Since most of us will be enjoying turkey this week, I thought it a good idea to highlight the dishes our customers ask for the most.

Food Club: November 17-21

Why did it take me so long to get to Lake Como? It is undeniably breathtaking with gorgeous landscapes and towering snowcapped mountains.  It is an ideal spot with beauty, style and great food, frequently peppered with a movie star here and there.  Join us this week for a feast worthy of a movie star!

Food Club: November 10-14

“L’Estate di San Martino”, Saint Martin’s Summer, is a time when warm weather returns, albeit briefly, before winter – our Indian Summer.  In Italy, it is a moment to bask in the joy of the harvest and wine making when the coffers are full of the bounty from spring and summer’s hard work in the fields.  It has come to symbolize a time of change and “new beginnings.” The new vintage is almost ready, which means barrels need to be fully emptied from last year’s wine to be cleaned for the new.

Venice’s way of celebrating this time of year is one of the most festive, especially for children. Our menu this week takes inspiration from Venetian ingredients and specialties paired with Soave Classico, one the region’s best wines.