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Food Club: June 2-6

Just like in the film “Big Night,” the Ricchi’s had the opportunity to serve a dinner that would forever change the trajectory of their lives.  Only after a month of opening their Tuscan restaurant, newly inaugurated President George Herbert Walker Bush came to dinner, creating a media buzz that would firmly establish them as Washington’s newest authentic Italian restaurant.  

This week’s menu highlights i Ricchi dishes that were relatively unknown when they opened in 1989, but which have become customer favorites.

Food Club: May 26-30

“Leave the gun, take the cannoli!”  Italian-American food from The Godfather.

Many Italian-Americans grow up thinking the specialties prepared by their grandmothers are authentically Italian.  Though certainly rooted in recipes from the “old country,” many were changed as immigrants adapted to their new home in America and to the ingredients they could find.

“It is the memories and experiences the Italian immigrants brought with them, coupled with the products they found, that developed into today’s Italian-American cuisine,” says renowned Italian chef and author, Lidia Bastianich.

Much of mainstream America was introduced to this immigrant culture through movies like “The Godfather.” This week’s menu highlights some of the most beloved dishes made famous by the movie.

Memorial Day Picnic: 5/25 Only

In her youth, Chef Christianne (aka L’Americana) would make this quintessential American feast for the Italians every year and she was famous all over Florence for it.  The little Ricchi Trattoria in the hills outside Florence would be filled to taste these novel American dishes. Now she makes them for you at home.

Sunday Prime Rib Supper


How about a buttery soft juicy Prime Rib, crispy steak fries, Chef Christianne’s famous herbed fresh salad and a tiramisu? We are also offering three incredible red wines that go beautifully with supper and are all at greatly reduced prices. 

Available for orders of 1-6 servings. $49/PERSON. Curb-side contactless pick-up.