DC Cocktail Week, November 16


As far back as ancient Rome, it was popular to drink something aromatic and sometimes alcoholic before staring to eat in order to enhance the appetite. The word “aperitivo” is derived from the word “open”, in other words, something that will “open your stomach” – a little something to encourage you to feel hungry, to get the juices flowing, so you can fully enjoy your upcoming meal.

L’aperitivo plays an important role in Italian social life and is as much about the food and drink as it is about socializing.

We are calling our take on the Italian “stomach opener”, the LUCCI, short for “luccicante” or “sparkling”.
Our bartender, Dale Comardelle, has come up with a refreshing combination of Campari, Copper Fox Vir gin, lemon and prosecco served in a flute with a long ribbon of lemon peel. We are serving it with CROSTINI topped with whipped ricotta, lemon mosto, chives, black pepper and mortadella.

The LUCCI & CROSTINI will be featured at i Ricchi for DC Cocktail Week at $15.