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Experience Diverse Community at Friday Squeeze

Washington has been my home for over thirty years. A lot has changed, but then again, maybe not. They say history repeats itself – the climate in Washington today, with tensions running high and with its lack of meaningful dialogue, is not dissimilar to other times in our history. There was a time when the two political parties could not be in the same room without coming to blows. During the administration of James Madison, around the time of the War of 1812, people of opposing views could not and would not talk to each other. (Sound familiar?) Enter the enterprising, First Lady, Dolley Madison.  She wielded an important influence on the divisive political climate by creating her legendary “Drawing Rooms” or “Wednesday Squeezes.” Her invitation-only events – the most popular social event in town – were for the president’s colleagues of various political persuasions, the top Washingtonians of the time. She would invite so many guests, they would literally have to squeeze into the space which forced people of diverse backgrounds to have influential discussions while enjoying refreshments and music. Read more here

As a community venue, we want to foster an atmosphere for all Washingtonians to communicate – even with their dissenting opinions – and come together over soothing libations. To continue in the spirit we have built through our Pop-Up Piazza Parties this Summer, we invite you to join our new Friday Squeezes at the Bar (pictured) every Friday from 5-8 pm. There will be complimentary hors d’ouevres, Happy-Hour priced drinks and specialty cocktails to encourage a free exchange of (opposing) thoughts.

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