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Express Your Right to Vote, and Make These Red, White & Blue Snacks

For almost twenty years I witnessed what it was like to live outside of the U.S. and am most grateful for the opportunities we are afforded in this country. It is our duty to safeguard our lifestyle by making our individual voices heard. What a tragedy it would be, if after all these months of brutal campaigning, we, American citizens, don’t go to the polls! Please, take a moment now to make sure you are registered to vote.

Patriotism tends to be strong during election time, and our nation’s colors are everywhere you look! With a little over a week left until the votes are cast, we investigated some red, white and blue snacks, desserts and beverages you can serve at your election parties or just make for yourself while you watch the coverage.

Have some leftover cheeses? In 10 minutes, you can make Crostini di Formaggio if you have a food processor handy. Creamy goat cheese and roasted tomatoes make a perfect topping for crisp polenta cakes. For a red cocktail, try making a Rhum Swizzle which incorporates grapefruit juice, grenadine and a French West Indies rum produced from sugarcane juice. Get these recipes and others

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