Food Club: April 13-18

Lombardia: Where it all Began

Over the past year, many have asked why did Italy, and particularly northern Italy become the epicenter of Coronavirus. There are several theories as to the when and why, but it seemed to have been the perfect storm of coinciding factors.

Despite all this, Italians have a truly unique take on life– maybe because they have suffered so many hardships through time, they have mastered a fundamental understanding of what really matters. It is because of the value Italians place on family and their traditions that it is easy to understand why the art of cooking and then congregating around the table has been fundamental to their survival in this unprecedented difficult time –especially in the hardest hit region of Lombardia. Their comfort food will most certainly be prepared with recipes past down from generations utilizing products that are grown and produced close to home.

This week’s menu showcases some of the most beloved ingredients and recipes from this complex and diverse region.