Food Club

Food Club: April 27 – May 2

It’s A Roman Holiday!

The iconic Academy Award winning movie, Roman Holiday, helped to position post-war Italy as a mecca for film, fashion and modern culture.  A story of a nemph-like princess, played by Audrey Hepburn, it recounts her one glorious day on the lam in Rome.  The 1950’s viewer is introduced, possibly for the first time, to the seductive Eternal City through her experiences — like riding on a run-away Vespa, dancing in a piazza, sitting at a sidewalk cafĂ© or enjoying a gelato on the Spanish Steps.

But you can’t talk of Rome without celebrating its food.  To taste true Roman cooking, it is essential to eat in it’s small “osteria” or “trattorie.” Our menu this week highlights some of Rome’s most beloved and popular dishes – dishes that you will find in most every Roman Trattoria today.

Will you join us for dinner and a movie — and escape with us to Rome?

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