Food Club: June 22-27, 2021

Florence in June – Bitter Rivalries & Sweet Elixirs

June in a wonderful month to visit Florence.  It is a month when pagan and Christian rites combine to celebrate colorful sporting events, Renaissance parades, and ancient culinary traditions.  Calcio Storico is a well-kept Florentine secret; Medieval-style soccer played in typical Renaissance garb.  Think rugby meets cage-fighting with pantaloons.

Not only does June 24th mark the birthdate of Florence’s patron saint, John the Baptist, it is the day to harvest soft green walnuts to make the spicy “digestivo,” Nocino.

Florentine cuisine today is earthy and rustic much like it was as the time of the Renaissance.  The “Trattoria” is the keeper of these culinary traditions, the equivalent of Nonna’s cooking.  Our menu this week highlights the typical Florentine dinner you might eat at our trattoria in Cercina.