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i Ricchi Story on “Our Town” Podcast

When Washington legend Andy Ockershausen calls, you answer! This Summer I was delightfully surprised when he asked to interview me for his broadcast, “Our Town.” I have followed Andy for many years as the familiar voice of DC on WMAL radio. Andy’s broadcasting career closely connected him with US presidents, sports heroes and all kinds of notable persons of influence. He combines this with decades of experience and knowledge of DC life and brings a unique perspective to his interviews with key Washingtonians on his podcast. One of his most notable interviews was with legendary News4 news anchor, Jim Vance, shortly before he passed in July. In a time when our city is changing so rapidly, I think it important (and very entertaining) to remember the personalities who contributed to the unique fiber of Washington. During the first season of “Our Town,” he talked with over 50 guests from various walks of life like Sonny Jurgensen, Chip Akridge, Bill Regardie and Catherine Meloy (CEO of Greater Washington Goodwill).

What a delight it was to discuss the story of i Ricchi with this witty, iconic broadcaster, explaining how we seek not just to serve food but to build a sense of community at our restaurant. Our story shows how creative ideas, committed staff and persistence has kept us going for 28 years in spite of the constantly changing DC dining scene. During the interview, I was compelled to recount a disastrous, but amusing episode involving Israel’s Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, when he was here with a large entourage, including the Israeli Secret Service. You”ll have to listen to learn “the rest of the story,” but it involved 12 full glasses of limoncello – and it wasn’t pretty! Click here to hear more on this story, my life in Italy and our vision to make i Ricchi a haven for everyone in our extended community.

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