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Celebrating the Impact of Women at i Ricchi in March

March is Women’s History Month, and we are celebrating amazing women who tirelessly give of themselves for their families, workplaces and communities. Take time right now to consider the women in your life who have had the greatest impact, and plan to take them out to lunch or dinner at i Ricchi as we celebrate the influence of women all month from March 8-31! While here, take a picture of yourself with your special women guests, post it on our Facebook page, show your server and receive a complimentary dessert!

Choose to support all women-owned, small businesses this Wednesday, March 8 for International Women’s Day. On this date, five years ago, I launched i Ricchi’s Women’s Club to encourage women to come together to do business, network and support each other. (Join the club by entering your information on the right!) This Wednesday we will once again offer the option of communal tables to enable women to sit together and more easily dialogue alongside each other.

As a woman restaurant business owner, I try to use my position to bring people together to break bread and to facilitate communication and understanding – especially among women locally and internationally. Read my story Through the influence of my daughter who, while working at the State Department, introduced me to phenomenally strong and accomplished women from the Middle East and the example of Vital Voices, a global organization that identifies and helps women leaders around the world, I have learned that as women we have far more in common than not. It gives me enormous pleasure to host a luncheon this week for the past and present Vital Voices Awardees. It is a unique opportunity to bring these women, who are effecting huge change in their countries, together to share insights and learn from each other.

We want everyone, men and women, to have the opportunity to meet and dine with Melanne Verveer, co-founder with Hillary Clinton, of Vital Voices. Melanne has devoted her career to helping women most recently as Ambassador to the White House on Women’s Global Issues and currently as Executive Director of the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security. Join us for Dinner with Melanne Verveer as she talks about her latest book: Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power & Purpose, Thursday, March 23 at 7 pm.  Get tickets

Other informative AND fun events this month include Women & Whiskey Tasting, Wednesday, March 15 and our Women & Wine Tasting, Thursday, March 30. See Events page for more details

Amore, Italians and Traditions

We’re embracing Valentine’s Day since amore is what Italy is known for. Showing love all year long is classic for young Italian lovers. About 10 years ago, the best-selling book “Ho voglio di te” (I Want You) was released, and the tradition of locking padlocks to various sites began throughout the year. Lovers take their locks of love or Lucchetit dell’Amore, write their names on it, lock it on a bridge, railing, lamp post, etc. and then throw the key away, possibly into a river to symbolize that their love will never end. There are actually laws against this practice now, and at one point, 5,000 locks were removed from the ponte Vecchio in Florence! Read more

Delight your special someone next week by reserving a table for two for a 3-course dinner with a flute of sparkling at our Valentine Lover’s Dinner, Tuesday, February 14 from 5-10 pm. Go the distance, and surprise him or her with a box of Zoe’s Chocolates delivered to your table for just $18!  See the menu  Call us today at (202) 835-0459.  

Want to win dinner for two? Snap a photo of you and your date dining at i Ricchi February 10-17, post it on Instagram or Twitter (tag @iricchidc), and you could win a gift card!

Not smitten this Valentine’s Day?

We have a place for you to celebrate singleness with others. Plan now to come by Thursday, February 9-Saturday, February 11 from 5-7 pm for our Who Needs Cupid Anyway . . . Mingle with Singles. We have specialty $8 cocktails just for you like “Free to Be Me” that you can savor with the complimentary appetizers.

“New Oil” & Winter Truffles Dinner Offers Outstanding Health Benefits

Improve your health this week by indulging in freshly-pressed, air-shipped La Canale unfiltered and organic extra virgin olive oil, straight from the hills of Umbria, harvested from 400-year-old trees. Purchase your tickets now for our “New Oil” & Winter Truffle Dinner Tuesday, January 24 at 7 pm. Hear the history and culture of these trees from olive grove proprietor, Alberto Panella. Also taste the “black diamonds” in our roasted breast of turkey stuffed with veal and black winter truffles served with fried artichokes.

Extra virgin olive oil has been shown to have many health benefits you may not be aware of. It has monounsaturated fats which can reduce inflammation and of course, antioxidants that fight disease. Did you know it can prevent Stroke, protect against heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, fight Alzheimer’s Disease and treat Rheumatoid Arthritis? Some early evidence shows it can prevent cancer. It also has anti-bacterial properties that can fight against stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. Unlike other fats, it doesn’t cause weight gain – that’s a relief! Considering all of these, including EVOO regularly in your diet is a great idea. Read the evidence

Unfortunately, many do not realize that EVOO holds the most nutritional value when it is freshly pressed. Many types we purchase in stores have very little heart health effects left because they have been shipped various times, not handled properly and are no longer fresh. Be sure to choose one that has a production date stamped on it so you know what you are purchasing.

We Welcome All Women to Join Our Dinner Conversation Saturday

As a woman who has owned and run a business in Washington for 28 years, I am pleased to welcome the thousands of women who will be traveling here on Saturday for the Women’s March on Washington. We stand together recognizing that womens’ rights are human rights. We are inviting any woman – whether a march participant or not – to join us afterwards to exchange ideas and learn from each other at our Women’s March Dinner Conversation, Saturday from 4-10 pm. There will be hot drinks (Vin Brule and Hot Toddies) with savory bites at the Bar and dinner specials. We will also be offering the option of communal seating to encourage dialogue and camaraderie. This march is going global and is even taking place in Florence and Rome!

We also invite you to stop by any time this week through Saturday to try our Inaugural drinks – the Trump-tini (gin, pomegranate, lemon shaken with a splash of prosecco) and Barack Rocks (vodka, lime, Curacao, Sprite) cocktails. Did you know it’s hard to eat at most of the Inaugural parties? Join us for dinner before heading out, and be prepared to party the night away (with a full stomach and comfortable shoes).

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