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Chef Ricchi Honored with 2016 YWCA Woman of Achievement Award

The YWCA National Capital Area is a great local organization whose mission statement is to “empower women, eliminate racism and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.” This really resonates with Chef Ricchi’s heart to promote women and their causes through events at i Ricchi. She was very honored when she found out she was one of 5 ladies who was recognized for one of their awards at the 2016 YWCA Women of Achievement Awards Breakfast earlier this month at the Grand Hyatt Washington located at 1000 H Street NW. We appreciate your support and attendance at our events where we seek to inform about women’s issues in an effort to celebrate and help as many women as possible. Find out more here

Red Wine Is Like Kissing Your Lover … White Wine Is Like Kissing Your Brother!

Our Banfi Red Wine Dinner, Wednesday October 5 at 7 pm is fast approaching, and we are glad to 54038834 - two glasses of red wine. heart splashgive you an opportunity to learn about the remarkable Castello Banfi. The third-generation owners, cousins Cristina Mariani-May and James Mariani, felt it important to connect with their extraordinary territory as proclaimed at their inauguration in 1984 “It is our fondest desire that this project will be good for the people of Montalcino, good for Italy, good for America, good for all people who love fine wine.” They strive to incorporate history and much research to produce the finest wines possible. Read more here

The wines will be amazing, but so will the food!  You will get the chance to try Pappardelle Sull’Anatra – artisanal thick egg pasta ribbons with slow simmered Tuscan duck ragu during your second course.  Sink your teeth into Filetto al Mirtillo (grilled filet mignon with a blueberry sauce) as you enjoy the King of Wines – Brunello.  Check out the other courses and pairings here. If your mouth is watering just reading this, get your tickets now!

Eat Out Next Friday Night & Make a Difference

We cannot physically pick up the pieces of the broken town, Amatrice, which suffered an earthquake August 24. Butearthquake--banner we can join over 600 chefs across the world to provide a dinner of Spaghetti all’Amatriciana with wines from Italy’s most renowned wineries and together provide for them to rebuild.

Italy is in my heart.  I spent my formative years in a little town very similar to Amatrice. I can vividly imagine what these poor people are facing.  This situation deeply saddens me, and I want to do more than just pray for them. We hope you’ll join with i Ricchi to support this devastated area and bring them hope together with the immediate essentials they need to begin rebuilding.  Please help us spread the word.  Invite your family and friends to join with us in this effort.  Proceeds will go to  ItalianAmericanRelief.org

Get your tickets now

Try Sake with Italian–It Works in Milan!

If you prefer the Asian appeal, we have a special night for you at our Italian Sake Dinner Tuesday, August 30 at 7 pm when you can experience the coming together of the cultures of Italy and Japan.  You may not be aware that sake was first introduced in Italy in 2001 at the Bra and Slow Food Cheese Festival by Makiko Tejima when her idea to pair sake and cheese was crowd pleasing.  In July 2015, a Milano Sake Week took place in relation to the Expo Milano.  The focus of Sake week was to show how Japanese sake can adapt to different cultures’ foods.  Italians are embracing sake, and you now can find it being offered in many restaurants there.  For more about sake in Italy, click here. Be sure to buy your tickets now to give us your opinion of how well sake pairs with Italian!

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