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Quality EVOO Makes All the Difference

With its health benefits and wonderful flavoring of food, extra virgin olive oil is a must have in most homes and restaurants. But recent studies show that consumers must be wise in choosing their olive oil and not just assume Italian imported oils are the top quality ones.

In 2010, researchers found 69% of the Italian olive oils did not meet the basic standards to truly be classified “extra virgin.” To lower costs, many olive oil producers in Italy have been adding lower-quality oils from other countries, soybean and other inexpensive oils to the mix, and even in some cases, colorants to vegetable oils. Then they falsely classify their creation as “extra virgin” olive oil.

If you want to choose the best, consider ordering from small producers who sell in bulk or allow you to taste it first. Remember that fresh oils have a grassy or buttery flavor, not a canned taste. Your personal palate will determine whether you prefer the lighter, fresher olive base versus the richer, buttery mature olive base.

Once you have your favorite in hand, be sure to store it correctly to maintain the flavor. Choose a container that keeps light out as much as possible, and place it in a cool, dry place. Be careful not to consume rancid oil which tends to taste bitter or stale because it can lead to a higher risk of heart disease and cancer.

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