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Silent Auction – Bid on this painting, proceeds go to the charity of your choice

ppp paintingMany from the community joined us for our Paint, Pasta & Philanthropy Wednesday, March 23 and had a wonderful time!  We featured young DC artist Shawn Michael Perkins “Perkasso” as he painted the beautiful cherry blossom adorned painting on the right. WHUT-TV filmed the evening for their new series ARTICO about art in the community.  We received a lot of bids on the painting during the event, and the Silent Auction is remaining open through April 16. Place your bid by stopping by our restaurant or by calling 202-835-0459.  Proceeds will go to a charity of the winning bidder’s choice and to support the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  It thrilled us to see the community come together for a great art happening and to enjoy delicious food!

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