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The Holidays at i Ricchi

For some reason, as I began holiday preparations, I found myself questioning why this time of year was so meaningful. Of course it is the celebration of Christ’s birth, an event that has changed the course of mankind. But there are traditions that have developed around Christmas that carry a strong message too. Traditions help form the structure and foundation of our families and our society. They contribute a sense of comfort and belonging.

Maybe it’s because this probably will be the first Christmas my little grandchildren will remember, I have been giving much thought to my own family’s traditions as well as what I want to establish as new ones going forward. They have already experienced the rites of decorating the tree, hanging stockings, visiting Santa to ask for a toy and even the concept of being naughty or nice. I even pulled out a red leather strip of sleigh bells that hung in my childhood home, and now little two-year-old grandson marches around the house waving that strip and singing his version of Jingle Bells at the top of his lungs. What a sweet sound and what joyful traditions – albeit small – that remind us that we are part of a history that has shaped who we are today.

After many years of facilitating traditions here at the restaurant, we welcome this season with great anticipation and allegria. There are many parties and dinners with planning under way for our Feast of the Seven Fishes as well as for our New Year’s Eve Dinner. It gives me great pleasure knowing these holidays spent at i Ricchi have become traditions for many of our customers. Join us this month for a chance to connect with others while celebrating Italian traditions and try out some new dishes and recipes.

Our calendar:
Squeeze into an Ugly Holiday Sweater Squeeze, Friday, December 15
Holiday Cheeseboard Class & Cocktails, Monday, December 18
Feast of the Seven Fishes, Friday-Sunday, December 22-24
New Year’s Eve Celebration, Sunday, December 31
All month long: Friday Squeezes, Donating to S.O.M.E., Red Envelope Gift and $100 Gift Cards for $80 – Info

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