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Try Sake with Italian–It Works in Milan!

If you prefer the Asian appeal, we have a special night for you at our Italian Sake Dinner Tuesday, August 30 at 7 pm when you can experience the coming together of the cultures of Italy and Japan.  You may not be aware that sake was first introduced in Italy in 2001 at the Bra and Slow Food Cheese Festival by Makiko Tejima when her idea to pair sake and cheese was crowd pleasing.  In July 2015, a Milano Sake Week took place in relation to the Expo Milano.  The focus of Sake week was to show how Japanese sake can adapt to different cultures’ foods.  Italians are embracing sake, and you now can find it being offered in many restaurants there.  For more about sake in Italy, click here. Be sure to buy your tickets now to give us your opinion of how well sake pairs with Italian!

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