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White Dinner Thrilled Many on Dupont Circle

Our Cena Bianca on Monday, June 20 made quite a stir on 19th Street as passers by stopped to admire the long white tables, white flowers and candles, and cena bianca i ricchitwinkling lights.  The smell of grilled meats, fish and vegetables lingered in the air as more than 70 guests dressed in white dined family style enjoying a Summer Tuscan dinner, ending with house-made gelato, almond biscotti di Prato and iced watermelon.  We were fortunate to have several local business leaders take part in this special night ushering in the Summer Solstice.  Even Chef Ricchi’s own grandchildren were decked in white for the celebration!  Based on the positive feedback, this is destined to become an annual event and new i Ricchi tradition!  Check out Bisnow’s coverage of the event.

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