Food Club

Winter Restaurant Week and it’s time to eat! Jan 13-18,2020

Cooking has always been a love language. Those of us of Italian heritage know that very well. That’s why, whenever we would go to our grandmother’s / Nonna’s / (in my case) Nanny Russo’s house, we would be showered with dish after dish of the most incredible food, aka….LOVE. Maybe that explains why, when I can, I want to cook for my grandchildren. They understand the language. That is very evident by their response to our Sunday night dinners together. Not only does the food I prepare fill their tummies, it nurtures their spirits and reassures them that they are loved.

That also would explain why I own a restaurant – I get to feed people all the time! Nothing makes my heart swell more than talking to a departing customer who has enjoyed our food.

Restaurant Week, with it’s specially priced menus, offers people the opportunity to revisit i Ricchi or experience what we do for the first time. We want to offer our guests a range of dishes to showcase what we have dedicated ourselves to doing for over 30 years – artisanally prepared authentic recipes offered with an expression of care that nurtures the spirit as well. Christianne Ricchi

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