Food Club: July 5-10

Under the Tuscan Sun

This year will mark 51 years (yikes!) since I saw the Tuscan sun for the first time.  I can clearly remember that first morning in the little pensione on Via 27 Aprile when I flung open the shutters to discover the most vivid colors, sparkling clean air and brightest sun I had ever seen.

Tuscany is a region located in central Italy but ask any Tuscan and they will tell you it is the center of the universe.  They are exceedingly proud of their heritage and are profoundly connected to their culture, not the least of which is their culinary patrimony.

Our menu this week will travel through the region, highlighting specialties from its different provinces.  We are also introducing a little known light Tuscan red wine, Sabazio, that is best enjoyed lightly chilled, to “temperature di cantina.”

Francis Mayes’ award-winning work, Under the Tuscan Sun, adds to the experience.  Open it up, read any passage and you will be transported.  Or, for a fun and lighthearted accompaniment, try watching the movie for enticing food scenes and spectacular landscapes.