Food Club: July 19-25

Tutti al Mare! Tuscans at the Beach

This year, Italians finally are planning to return to their beloved beaches with the hope that tourists will follow. Though many of us are still not comfortable making the trip to Italy, at least we can reflect on vacations past while imbibing in its local flavors, enhanced by its colorful customs.  Italians absolutely love beach life and are most likely the sexiest and most fashionable beachgoers in the world.

La Versilia is a very unique stretch of Tuscan Mediterranean coast backed by the Apuan Alps.  It is best known for its golden beaches, nightlife, art communities, and surf-n-turf – Mare e Monti – cuisine. But to fully enjoy the Italian beach culture you need to know its unspoken rules.  After all, you do not want to look like a tourist on an Italian beach!