Food Club: January 10-15, 2023 “La Festa di Sant’Antonio: Coming Together”

La Festa di Sant’ Antonio – Coming Together

Cercina is not a little town or even a village – it is merely a cluster of simple country houses and farms, two trattorias, a tiny grocery store and an 11th century Romanesque church. The main event every year that draws hordes of Florentines to make the trek to this idyllic countryside enclave is La Festa di Sant’Antonio d’Abate, the Feast of Saint Anthony, protector of farm animals.

Every other year, the parade starts at Trattoria i Ricchi, led by a marching band and locals on horseback to the church square where the animals are blessed. La Festa di Sant’Antonio brings everyone together for three days of card games, communal lunches and the local favorite, Il Tiro della Forma / Throwing the Form. Our menu this week, is a tribute to those memories starting off with Fettunta coi Fagioli.  (That, together with a glass of Chianti, is one of the finer things in life!)