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Celebrate Everyone You Love!

“L’amore e nel vostro cuore, non di rimanere, ma per essere condivisa” – Love is in your heart, not to stay, but to be shared.

This thought easily could have been taken from Tim Shriver’s remarks at our Need To Know dinner last week. He asked us to open our hearts and to see life through a different lens. He spoke of breaking down boundaries and healing where there are divisions – that we find our best selves when we are bridging gaps. For those of you who couldn’t come to our sold out evening with Tim Shriver, here is the video of his talk.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we’re reminded everywhere to celebrate those we love. I believe Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, though. For me, it has always been a time to pause and celebrate ALL the people we love. One of my fondest childhood memories is waiting for Dad at the Long Island Railroad station as he returned from work every day. But Valentine’s Day was special. As the train passed, he would appear with arms full of flowers and chocolates – the big bouquet for Mom and the little one for me. Funny how I can still feel the warmth of his love in this simple memory.

Of course this Valentine’s Day the restaurant will be filled with couples in love treating themselves to a romantic candlelit experience. But wouldn’t it be special if we used this holiday to reach out to all the people we love to break bread and create a lasting memory? What little girl wouldn’t love to have a special dinner with her Daddy, or what Mother wouldn’t cherish an invitation to dine with her son? Or maybe it’s just a group of friends who can rarely find the time to meet, coming together to enjoy some great food and wine.

Our San Valentino menu is a four-course feast featuring many of our customer’s favorites. But to ensure our offerings are family friendly, we are also offering our a la carte menu as well. Reservations can be made for Wednesday, February 14 from 5-10 pm by calling (202) 835-0459.

To continue another i Ricchi tradition for all those ladies out there – grab a pal and come to our “Gal-entine’s” Squeeze, Friday, February 16 from 5-8 pm. We’ll be featuring some fun cocktails like Girls Just Want to Have Fun with complimentary hot hors d’oeuvres.

Find details here about our Mardi Gras special and “New” Olive Oil Dinner later this month.

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