Food Club: August 1-6, 2023

Ferragosto: August Staycation with Mamma

For the two weeks before and after the holiday of Ferragosto on August 15th, it seems as if all of Italy goes on vacation crowding the beaches and mountain resorts and leaving the cities virtually deserted.  As with all other Italian holidays, food is the main attraction whether prepared for a festive picnic or stay-at-home summer lunch.

“Il Pranzo di Ferragosto”/”A Mid-August Lunch” is a delightful cult film that is a glimpse into the life of a middle aged bachelor living with his octogenarian mother over the long holiday weekend in Rome. Food, appetite, and the need for community are prominent themes along with an intimate peak into the complicated dynamics that exist between Italian men and their mothers.

This week’s menu highlights some of the food served in the movie as well as other dishes that could be found at a mid-August lunch whether for a vacation picnic or at home for a staycation lunch with Mamma.